Shipping & Logistics Company in India

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Check out the top business centers in Kochi

Kochi is one of India’s last major commercial destinations in terms of geography. Kochi, a port city on India’s Malabar Coast, is a significant financial, industrial, and business center in Kerala. Kochi is home to various nationally recognized shipping corporate enterprises due to its central location and proximity to ports. Kochi is also the home of the southern naval command and a major marine port. The Ernakulum district, of which Kochi is a part, accounts for 41.74% of the state’s GDP. So, let’s take a look at the top shipping business centers in Kochi.

Nautical Cargo Private Limited

Nautical Cargo Private Limited, established in 2011, is one of the biggest shipping firms in Kochi, with a global presence and an extensive network of partners. They provide cost-effective logistics and shipping solutions tailored to their customer’s demands. They also offer excellent warehousing services. They provide reliable freight forwarding, cargo logistics management, and NVOCC services.

Synergy Oceanic Services India Private Limited

One of the prominent fully managed shipping business centers in Kochi. Synergy Oceanic Services provides comprehensive maritime solutions. It has been in the sector for over a decade. It now has the technical competence and a varied product portfolio that allows it to provide higher efficiency and productivity improvements to its clients. It is headquartered in Singapore, has 15 offices in eight major maritime centers, and manages over 340 boats.

GAC Shipping (India) Private Limited

Located in Kochi, a prime commercial shipping business center. GAC India operates a network of 26 locations across India to provide efficient and competent logistics, maritime services, and shipping services. It was started in 1983 and has since established itself as a shipping agency that provides a wide variety of shipping services. They offer a wide range of services, including wet and dry bulk loading and discharge, dry dockings, crew changes, and more.

Elegant Marine Services Private Limited

Elegant Marine Services Private Limited is Fleet Management Pte. Ltd.’s manning agency. Fleet Management Limited has been in the sector for 25 years and employs 20,000 sailors, with 900 onshore. They are headquartered in Hong Kong and manage around 600 vessels of various types. They have a global presence with 26 offices throughout the world. They give utmost importance to providing high-quality goods and services to ensure a positive customer experience.


V.Ships has been in business for 35 years and provides various maritime support and ship management services. They collaborate with an extensive network of over 44,000 seafarers who cover all aspects of crewing and ship management. They also have 3,000 onshore employees scattered across 30 nations. They have 60 offices and handle about 2200 vessels.

Della Marine Services Private Limited

Della Marine Services, a ship crew manning service, has built a solid reputation by delivering skilled and competent seafarers to diverse clients. They serve 12,796 customers and work on 85,698 projects. They provide highly qualified engineers, gallery personnel, and officers while adhering to all applicable laws and regulations.

LOTS Shipping Limited

LOTS Shipping Limited was founded in June 1994 to explore inland water transport opportunities that were vastly underutilized then. Since then, the shipping company has expanded significantly, and it now owns seven barges while running four contracted barges that transport petroleum products, dry cargo, and chemicals.

Trans Asia Shipping

Trans Asia Shipping Services Pvt Ltd has 28 years of experience in shipping and logistics. The company was founded in 1992 in Kochi, India, a port city on the coast of Kerala. Trans Asia Line began operations in the Middle East, South East Asian ports, India and subcontinents, and China, among other places. The corporation offers various services, including ship ownership, international and domestic liner operations, container ownership, logistics, plantation, shipbuilding, and real estate.