Shipping & Logistics Company in India

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Air Freight Services

Being one of the leading global air freight forwarders, Trans Asia serves all major business routes around the world. We are dedicated to providing secure and fast air freight and air cargo services at affordable rates with flexible delivery speeds & service options to give you a hassle free experience.

We make sure that the shipments are delivered safely and on time to anywhere around the world with the help of our partner carriers operating in all major destinations worldwide.

Why Choose Us?

Worldwide Direct Shipments

  • Brokerage of airfreight between shipper and carrier
  • Short transit times within the transport chain
  • Daily direct flights to several destinations

Consolidated Shipments

  • Worldwide cargo shipment at reasonable rates
  • Selection of carriers with regard to quality and service

Express Shipments

  • Worldwide individual express shipments
  • Ship spare parts logistics
  • Aircraft spare parts logistics (aircraft on ground)
  • Distribution of pharmaceutical products
  • Onboard courier services to several destinations

Special Services

  • Worldwide Sea-Air Shipments as a cost efficient alternative for urgent cargo to pure airfreight
  • Aircraft chartering
  • Transport of heavy lift and oversized cargo by air

To know more about our air freight services, contact us here or call our air freight experts at +91 484 4096000 for a quick quote!