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For us in Trans Asia Group, reaching out to underserved communities is part of our DNA. We routinely introspect and ensure that we transcend business interests and grapple with the “quality of life” challenges that underserved communities face, and work towards making a meaningful difference to them.

Our vision is – “to actively contribute to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate. In so doing build a better, sustainable way of life for the weaker sections of society and raise the country’s human development index”.

Implementation process: Identification of projects

All projects are identified in a participatory manner, in consultation with the community, by sitting with them and gauging their basic needs. Subsequently, based on a consensus and in discussion with the village panchayats, and other stakeholders, projects are prioritized.

From these focus area studies, we have identified projects for Education, Health care, Sustainable livelihood and Infrastructure development.

In Education, we endeavour to spark the desire for learning and knowledge at every stage through

  • Formal schools.
  • Quality primary education.
  • Girl child education.

In Health care, our goal is to render quality health care facilities to people living in the villages, panchayats and elsewhere through nearby hospitals.

  • Primary health care centres.
  • Mother and Child care projects.
  • Eradicating Hunger/Poverty/Malnutrition.
  • Health care for visually impaired, and physically challenged.
  • Preventive health through awareness programmes.

In Infrastructure Development, we endeavour to set up essential services that form the foundation of sustainable development through

  • Basic infrastructure facilities
  • Housing facilities – for orphans
  • Safe drinking water
  • Sanitation & hygiene

Activities, setting measurable targets with timeframes and performance management.

Before the commencement of the project, we carry out a baseline study of the villages. The study encompasses various parameters such as – health indicators, literacy levels, sustainable livelihood processes, and population data – below the poverty line and above the poverty line, state of infrastructure, among others. From the data generated, a 1- year plan is developed for the holistic and integrated development of the marginalized.

These plans are presented at the Annual Planning and Budget meeting. All projects are assessed under the agreed strategy and monitored every quarter, measured against targets and budgets. Wherever necessary, midcourse corrections are affected.

Organisational mechanism and responsibilities

Trans Asia Group’s CSR activities are under the leadership of our director, Ms.Marylin Johnson. Her vision underlines all CSR activities. The onus for the successful and time-bound implementation of the projects is on the CSR teams under the HR department. Our internal audit team measures the impact of the work done, and a social satisfaction survey is sent out.


Collaborative partnerships are formed with the Government, the District Authorities, the village panchayats, NGOs and other like-minded stakeholders. This helps widen the Company’s reach and leverage upon the collective expertise, wisdom and experience that these partnerships bring to the table.

Trans Asia engages with well-established and recognized programmes with organizations such as the CRY, Blind organization of India, Help Age India, World Vision, Cochin Cancer Society, to name a few.


A specific budget is allocated for CSR activities. This budget is project-driven.

Information dissemination

The Company’s engagement in this domain is disseminated on its website, annual reports and its in-house journals.

Composition of the CSR Committee

  • Chairperson: Johnson Mathew K
  • Members:
    • Marylin Johnson
    • Suma Mathew

Management Commitment

Our Board of Directors, our Management and all of our employees subscribe to the philosophy of compassionate care. We believe and act on an ethos of generosity and compassion, characterized by a willingness to build a society that works for everyone. This is the cornerstone of our CSR policy.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy conforms to the Corporate Social Responsibility Voluntary Guidelines spelt out by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India in collaboration with FICCI (2009).