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Liner shipping and it’s advantages

What is Liner Shipping?

Liner shipping is the process of transporting goods and cargo from one destination to another by large ocean ships that move through regular routes on fixed schedules. There are more than 400 liner services in operation today. Most of these liner services provide weekly sailing from the ports of call.

Liner shipping is by far the most efficient mode of transportation for goods. Liner shipping is carried out using various liner vessels like container ships, bulk carriers, tankers, specialist ships and so on.

Among these, container ships stand top in carrying most of the world’s goods. Bulk carriers are used to transport raw materials like coal or iron ore. Tankers are mainly used to transport oil, petroleum & other chemicals. Specialist ships consist of vessels such as research ships and ice breakers.

Advantages of Liner Shipping

  • Large Capacity:

    Liner ships have a huge capacity, hence it can carry a lot of goods. Which is why most businesses prefer liner shipping over air shipping. Another benefit of liner shipping is that you can choose the ship to match your cargo size so that you transport it in a safe and secure manner. Heavy machinery, cars, and containers can all be carried on a liner ship.

  • Cost Effective:

    Liner shipping is one of the cheapest modes of transporting cargo, which makes it the preferred choice of transportation for many companies. Shipping is four to six times cheaper than transporting your goods by air. Also, another factor why people favor shipping is that if you don’t have an entire shipload, you can share space and cost on a cargo ship with other people or businesses.

  • Safe:

    Liner ships are designed in such a way that it can carry hazardous materials and dangerous cargo safely. The industry is well known for handling such goods and has regulations in place to ensure the safety of the vessel, crew, cargo and environment. Cargo loss due to incidents during transportation has been decreasing consistently in the past decade as maritime safety increases significantly.

  • Environment Friendly:

    Shipping can be said as one of the most carbon-efficient modes of transportation and produces low amounts of exhaust gas emissions for each ton of cargo transported than air, rail, or road transport. Another benefit is that more than millions of containers that are used around the world are now 98 percent recyclable which makes the transportation mode environment friendly.

  • Global Economy Driver:

    Liner Shipping acts as the Global Engine to connect countries, markets, businesses and people all over the world for an efficient, safe, low cost and above all environment friendly transportation network, which never existed before. Today, the liner shipping industry transports goods and cargo representing one-third of the total value of global trade.

    Additionally, the international shipping industry has generated millions of jobs and plays a major role in creating new jobs worldwide. The shipping industry has contributed hundreds of billions of dollars to the global economy annually thereby increasing gross domestic product in countries throughout the world.

    Moreover, as the lifeline of global economy, shipping contributes significantly to international stability & security.

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