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How To Send Goods To Other Countries?

Shippers play a vital role in the economy of most countries and international trade. It is a global network that connects nations, economies, enterprises, goods, and consumers. 

Sea transportation and air transport are the most common types of transportation in international trade. With this technology, goods can be imported and exported in a timely and efficient way that was otherwise not possible.

The term shipping refers to the process of dispatching goods for export. 

Organizing a shipment involves many steps and stages and is a labor-intensive process. It comprises booking the goods with a transportation company and delivering them to their destination. The exporter and importer interact throughout the entire supply chain facilitating international shipping.

Exporters can choose between two shipping options when shipping by the sea – Full Container Load (FCL) or Less Than Container Load (LCL). 

The full container load shipping method occurs when the consignment fills a whole shipping container. Transport of large consignments by the sea in the shortest possible time can be accomplished via this method.

For exporters with smaller shipments, sharing a container with other exporters is an option that requires paying only for what they need. This type of shipping is known as LCL, and it can be used for low or moderate volume, non-time-critical shipments. 

What is international shipping?

International shipping can be defined as the process of transporting goods and materials from one country to another. It is a vital part of the global economy, and enables businesses to trade with customers in other parts of the world. 

There are a number of different methods for transporting goods internationally,  including air freight, sea freight, and road transport. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to choose the right option for each shipment.

There are many rules and regulations involved in international shipping, which can be a complicated process. 

To effectively import or export freight, you must be aware of and adhere to various procedures and documentation for your shipment to clear customs. It is for this reason that most businesses dealing in import and export partner with freight forwarding companies

International Shipping Process

 1.  Request freight quotes  

The initial step is to request a freight estimate. Before you do that, you must make sure to share with all freight forwarders in your network the following information: shipping date, origin and destination port, commodity and packing details, and type of freight. 

When this is done, you will either be able to request quotes directly from your freight forwarders or you will be able to opt for digital freight forwarders to automate these processes and get quotes within seconds.

 2. Select freight forwarders

We must finalize the freight forwarder or carrier whose rates & other factors like network and support are the best match for our needs. 

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It is best to choose the best freight forwarders to get real-time delivery. Only digital freight forwarding provides real-time quotes, and the shipment process is monitored through the application, enabling exporters to maintain monitoring of their supply chains.

3. Preparation of Required Documents

After deciding on a freight forwarder, the following step is to prepare the relevant paperwork. The following documents are included:

  • Performa invoice
  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Certificates of origin
  • Shipper’s letter of instruction
  • Bills of lading
  • Dangerous goods form
  • Bank draft

4. Validate the shipment’s details

When you’ve finished preparing for the shipping procedure, double-check and validate the shipment information. The origin of the shipment, the B/L number, the type and quantity of containers, and the reference type and number must all be verified. 

5. Raise booking request/ delivery order to the carrier

You can now book your freight provider once all of the confirmations have been completed. All you have to do now is update all of the information with the freight forwarder you’ve chosen. Date and location of origin, destination date and location, container type, and so on. 

6. Keep track of shipments

You can begin tracking your shipment after you get a booking email confirmation from the freight forwarder. They provide more than simply tracking service and real-time management; they also provide platforms for invoicing, document, and contract management. 

7. The shipment passes through customs

Customs will evaluate your shipment to see if it complies with their requirements. The shipment will not be set up with an issue and can pass through. Unless you pay the balance, your shipment will be held in customs custody. 

8. The bill for customs duties and taxes should be reimbursed

Taxes and duties are included in the bill directly from the forwarder, so they must be paid by the forwarder. Several forwarders do not accept checks or bank transfers. You will be billed immediately whenever you order an inspection service. 

9. Receive the shipment

You will receive the consignment as soon as it arrives at the port if everything goes correctly. 

As a result, the shipping process encompasses the movement of commodities and documents from one location to another. The movement of goods and papers from one country to another must be highly coordinated for the procedure to be completed properly. 

In conclusion, there are a few things to keep in mind when shipping goods to other countries. Remember to research the country’s customs regulations, choose the right shipping method, and package your goods securely. By following these tips, you can ensure that your shipment arrives safely and on time.

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