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Warehouse Logistics

Our warehouse logistics is designed to provide our customers with a full-service solution from general storage up to specific and individual logistical requirements.

Container Packing

  • Contracted container freight station for export container ( FCL/LCL)
  • On demand container packing for all kinds of maritime containers (e.g. for machinery, automotive parts, cars, etc.)
  • In-transit warehousing of export shipments
  • Customs brokerage

Container Unloading

  • Contracted container freight station for import containers ( FCL/LCL)
  • Professional and cost efficient handling of import containers(FCL/LCL)
  • In-transit warehousing export shipments
  • Customs brokerage

General Warehousing

  • Warehousing inside Customs Area and outside areas
  • Bonded storage facilities inside port/airport
  • Storage in 20’ or 40’ containers for self-operation
  • Short-term and long-term storage of project cargo and any other cargoes
  • Pallettizing of individual orders
  • Labelling of packages
  • Picking and packing services for individual orders

E-Commerce Logistics

  • We are specialized in providing e-commerce logistics for small and medium-sized web-shops.
  • Warehouseing and pick and pack services
  • Fast handling of goods and orders
  • Binning, crating, packing, Re-packing, labeling as per e-commerce requirements
  • Preparation of shipping ( B2C and B2B) orders
  • Shipping of orders by parcel service or truck service to the e-commerce warehouse