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Sea Freight


  • TGL Seafreight team offers flexibility in service, cost advantages and access to TGL’s own offices as well as a dedicated network of agents across the world.
  • TGL provides effective logistics solutions at lower costs that help our customers grow and keep sustainability in today’s competitive ocean freight market.
  • We work closely with a handful of select carriers to enhance our quality service
  • Based on the concept of mutual growth and cost/risk sharing, TGL has established strategic alliances with a host of prominent shipping lines.
  • TGL has a fully insured MTO Bill of Lading


  • Cross Trade is the movement of any shipment between an origin and destination country. The shipment will not enter the country where the shipper’s company is registered.
  • It is possible to arrange the shipment (Sea/Air) and control the logistical operations by our offices in India or Singapore or Malaysia and Dubai, as the case can be.
  • With the technological advancement and the popularity of using electronic mails, it is relatively easier to co-ordinate such shipments. It is possible even with the time difference in various parts of the world.
  • Through our vast network of trusted partners, we are able to offer individual solutions that give the customer full control over their logistics operations
  • Cross Trade can be arranged by air, sea or land transport depending on where the nearest exit port to the factory is and where the nearest entry port to the delivery point is
  • TGL will take into account transit times, schedule reliability and flexibility as well as overall cost. In addition to managing and processing the necessary documentation and ensuring compliance of all regulations at both the point of origin and final destination, we can also act as your local representative and liaise with the supplier on your behalf.

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