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    India is bounded to the southwest by the Arabian Sea, to the southeast by the Bay of Bengal, and to the south by the Indian Ocean. It is a miracle of rich biodiversity with varied degree of life forms – the sand dunes, beaches, wetlands, mangroves, estuaries, backwater lagoons and coral reefs.

    The coastal environment plays a vital role in India’s economy by virtue of the resources, productive habitats, and rich biodiversity. India’s coastline stretches about 7500 km and supports almost 30% of its human population.

    The Indian shipping industry has grown over the years in terms of its physical and financial assets, human resources, knowledge base, operating processes and support infrastructure.

    To provide highly efficient, hassle free domestic cargo movements, TransAsia Coastal (TAC) offers you a containerized multi-modal transport solution by deploying own trucks and cargo handling facilities in Gujarat.

    Presently, we offer door to door containerised multi-modal service across.

     Kerala & parts of Tamil Nadu
     Gujarat & parts of Rajasthan

    Our Strength

     Regular Scheduled Service
    Own domestic fleet of containers
     Integrated Road Transportation
     Single Point Contact
     Information Technology driven Processes
     Professional Team
     Dedicated Customer Support Personnel

    Your Benefits

     Save time & Cost
     Guard yourself from fluctuating truck rates
     Free from Port & Customs Formalities
     Remain constantly Informed
     Consolidated Freight Rates
     Pilferage free Cargo