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Group Profile

Board of Directors
Mr. Johnson Mathew K     : Chairman & Managing Director
Ms. Marylin Johnson : Director
Ms. Suma Mathew : Director
Mr. Wilson Thomas : Executive Director
Management Team    
Mr. Abraham Oomen : Chief Marketing Officer, Cochin
Mr. Mathew P X  : Chief Services officer, Cochin
Ms. Rekha Venugopal   : Assistant General Manager (Finance & Accounts)
Mr. Reji Mammen  : Assistant General Manager(Special Projects)(Capacity & Feedering )
Mr. S Sivanandam : Regional Manager (North & North West of India and Pakistan)
Mr. George K Jacob : Regional Manager (Middle East)
Mr. Prakash Nair  : Regional Manager ( South East Asia)
Mr. Raveen Mathachan : Regional Manager (Indian Subcontinent – South East)